Eye3Connect - Automatic Download via WIFI

The Eye3Connect server is installed at the facility where audio/video data needs to be captured. Eye3Connect is an advanced application that can manage, monitor and connect to multiple vehicle units concurrently (depending on network bandwidth). While the connection is established, the server would trigger a scheduled download of Video and/or events from the vehicle to the Eye3Connect server. In parallel, if the multi-media port is activated, a separate media server can upload new advertisements, movies, music to the vehicle.

The Eye3Connect method of download requires a ROUTER to be installed in each vehicle and either a one or more ACCESS points installed in the administrative building. When a vehicle arrives at the location/garage and the ignition is turned off, a wireless connection is established between the vehicle and the Access Point. Depending on the server configuration, the vehicle can download either "ONLY EVENTS" or "VIDEO and EVENTS" to the Eye3Connect server. Typically, customers are interested in downloading only "EVENTS" taking into consideration the network bandwidth available on the wireless network. Each Vehicle that arrives is added into a queue and video data (if any events are available) is downloaded on a FIFO (First In First Out).


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