Eye3Remote - Live Remote Streaming Video Software

Consider an emergency situation, an accident with possible injuries, or a hijacking situation where school children are taken hostage. Wouldn't it be worth having a "Live" view of your vehicle remotely? The Eye3Remote Software provides clients with the ability to remotely connect and view live video from one or multiple buses simultaneously over a Wireless connection. The software provides viewing of up to 16 cameras per page across multiple vehicles. School administrators and Law Enforcement officials have the ability to view or download video data as evidence.

Access to the Eye3Remote software requires a WIFI network or a cellular network. To access video/audio data via a Cellular network, a separate WIFI card from either SPRINT OR VERIZON is required. The ability to view up to 16 feeds in a single session gives the client a variety of applications. 16 feeds could equate to 1 camera each from 16 buses or a combination of cameras from a number of buses. Each bus needs to have a unique static IP address, which is configured within the software. In addition, Eye3Remote provides the capability to change the configuration on the bus/vehicle system remotely, search for video/audio data on the bus and download it to a local machine for viewing. More details about the software can be found in the User Manual.


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