Eye3 Witness Pro Series 8 Channel Solution

Specs Brochure
Specifications Brochure

Eye3Witness Pro, an Enterprise Class Digital Cruiser Video Solution offers capabilities to record and view 4 or 8 cameras for a multitude of  applications. The product has the ability to scale up to 1 TB of storage, record up 30FPS and provide unparalleled video quality. A strong back-end data management system, robust suite of applications and easy to use playback/analysis software make Eye3Witness Pro one of the most widely accepted Mobile Video Solutions.


System Recording Module and Mounting Assembly
  • H.264 video compression for high quality, low storage recording and playback
  • Eye3-Witness-Pro has been designed with an ultra-compact case, extremely low weight, high temperature resistance and vibration resistant
  • The system runs on low voltage, low-current architecture suitable for mobile mounting (buses, cars, vans, trucks, trains, etc.) or fixed locations
  • Quick release and removable recording module with tamperproof lock and secure controls.
  • Docking Station allows for easy slide in-out of the recording module
  • Individual wire connections for Audio, Video, Power, Inputs/Outputs and accessory assemblies
  • 12v, 3Amp regulated power for use with cameras, inputs/outputs and accessory assemblies
  • Full support of NTSC or PAL video inputs and outputs, Audio channels and VGA display
  • Communications supported through TCP/IP network interface and USB connection to PC's
  • Handheld IR Controller with On-Screen Display (OSD) for all operations of Eye3-Witness-Pro
  • 2.5-in mobile anti-vibration and shock resistant HDD, ranging from 20G to 1 TB.
Video and Audio DVR Features and Capabilities
  • Eye3-Witness-Pro comes in 8 channel configuration
  • 8 channels for video input, full-motion (30FPS/Camera) continuous or priority video recording and live display
  • 8 channels of high-fidelity, digitally recorded, synchronized audio matched to 8 video channels
  • Continuous recording is available while in playback mode
  • User Friendly criteria to playback only events associated with the Video
  • Automatic timer to resume the live display if the unit is idle for a user defined timings
  • User-Selectable settings for quality and audio record enable/disable for each video channel
  • 12v Power supply for multiple devices such as cameras, sensors, relays and other accessories
  • Selectable frame rate with event triggered burst recording speeds up to 30 FPS/Camera
  • There are 8 alarm inputs with selectable pre-alarm and post-alarm recording times
  • Dedicated Panic button provided to driver at all time for emergency alarms
  • TV output channel for live video and recorded video viewing
  • There are no buttons in the front of the unit to view, modify or erases the recorded data. All access is provided using client software and with proper authentication.
  • The system has 8 sensors that can be used as required. For example, the system can be turned on automatically when overhead emergency lights ore sirens are activated.
  • The system includes a buffer memory for pre-event recording only. The buffer is programmable through the system set-up menu to be capable of capturing up to 15 seconds of video prior to the recorder being activated. The buffer time is adjustable but may not exceed 15 seconds.
  • The system shall have available a crash record activation feature that creates an EVENT when involved in a collision. Please refer to Inertia Sensor Module as an accessory.
  • The system is able to protect recorded Events to insure that they are not recorded over or erased.
Mini-LED Panel (Part# 003-054-009)
Control Panel (Part# 003-054-007)
Lock Box (Part# 003-054-031)
Wireless Microphone (Part# 003-068-001)
FCC Certification CE Certification
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