How can Eye3Mobile products support the Front Lines?

Radio communications, email, and photographs are essential components of collecting intelligence on the front lines. How much more valuable would a recording or a remote view of the terrain, events or behavior be to Officers? Cameras can be mounted inside or outside vehicles with in dash controls or controlled using your MDT. With Zoom and PTZ, color or low light options available, the recording possibilities and applications are endless. Wi-Fi, 3G and Satellite networks can all be used to transmit data within the unit or back to a post or base.

With Covert and Overt camera offerings, any vehicle can help collect valuable intelligence data. Our AV 360 Rearview Mirror provides a 360 degree view around the driver both including views of the interior and exterior. Available in an Overt model with 5 cameras (1 windshield view and one windshield zoom view) or a Covert model with 4 cameras (No zoom option). Use the covert model to gather evidence or information without the knowledge of your passenger. With only one cable to connect and the ability to use your existing rearview mount, the AV 360 is both technologically advanced and easy to use.

Front Lines
Protect troops, intelligence agents, civilian participants and local supporters using a combination of our mobile products in your vehicles. Have confidence that your data is secure and your equipment reliable, two of the most important factors for any military exercise.
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