What Eye3Mobile Products are available for Logistics?

Convoys: Using our GPS enabled systems paired with our central management software makes locating supplies, assets and personnel easy and efficient. Get real-time locations of all networked vehicles, and relay necessary information about reroutes, new destinations or schedule changes. If problems arise, dispatch, logistics departments on base or commanding officers can be alerted immediately including video and audio feeds.

Human Assets: Vandal proof cameras and optional independent power supplies prevent tampering with or interrupting the recording of data. Covert camera options allow you to collect information without passengers being aware they are under surveillance. Built-in microphones and small footprint DVRs allow you to position equipment in the most convenient or productive location. Collect evidence, information and images with or without the knowledge of your passengers or persons outside the vehicle.

Our mobile equipment communicates with servers using Ethernet, Wi-Fi or 3G connections. Use a satellite link to create an internet connection and relay data quickly and safely. User-friendly software streamlines indexing, viewing and archiving of data. Contact us about your specific needs and let us design a solution for you!
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