Where do Eye3Mobile applications integrate into Base Operations?

MP's: Like any law enforcement group, protecting officers, collecting evidence, and maintaining integrity are the keys to a well run department. Our mobile video products can record inside and outside a vehicle, providing a comprehensive view of operations and procedures. Our systems are rugged and durable. We offer solutions with no moving parts, and with protective lockboxes and vibration and shock absorbers, we can secure your unit against a variety of driving conditions. We have systems in operation in some of the most extreme areas of the United States.

With video recording abilities day and night, our systems provide consistent, continuous coverage. Adding a mounted zoom camera means officers can include information a distance away from the vehicle. Our wireless microphones can record up to 1000 ft away, even with obstructions.

Forward Operating Base
Using an optional 3G or Wi-Fi module and our Central Management Software, alarm views from the vehicle can be triggered straight to Dispatch or Supervisors. Or, commanding officers can log into individual vehicles for a "live" view of a situation. Built in GPS facilitates officer allocation, since each vehicle is marked on a Google Map.

Vehicular Assets: Allocate resources more efficiently using GPS to identify Vehicle locations. Deter unauthorized use or abuses of transport equipment though ignition-based recording. Our DVR's can utilize a separate power source so that video data is collected even when the vehicle is not in active service. Units operate only when locked, and data can be accessed only by unlocking the unit. All data is saved in a proprietary format making it impossible to view without our exclusive viewing software. Authorized users can create .avi files for viewing by other video players.

Eye3Data offers a variety of fixed solutions ideal for monitoring activity on the perimeter or within the base boundaries. We can easily integrate with entrance monitoring or other access restriction systems. We offer remote PTZ control, vandal-proof cameras, and motion-based recording. Visit our Eye3Data site for more information.
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