Eye3Evidence - Video Playback Sofware

Eye3Evidence accesses video and Event data either locally, on a LAN/WAN Server, or via HDD connected to a desktop via USB. The "dashboard" looking user interface can be configured by each user. The system has a video display panel with features such as Playback, Fast Forward and Rewind, export to an .AVI file. This system can be integrated into your organization with minimal training, but contains the capabilities necessary for more specialized video review.

Our software can create custom clips of secured and encrypted video, which can then be copied to a DVD. The Eye3-Witness-Pro unit can be configured to record data in increments of 15 minutes, 30 minutes or 45 minutes, simplifying your data management and event review. We recommended setting the Eye3-Witness-Pro to record in 15 minute segments. When data is downloaded, the file contains the video data in pre-defined segments, which means you spend less time looking for recorded events, and more time using the information they provide.

Eye3Evidence also displays Route and Location information of the vehicle with Speed, Acceleration, and Sensor information. You will not only see what took place, but have detailed information about what other elements contributed to the situation. Various kinds of Mapping software can be used. For an incremental cost, the licensed Google Maps version enables you to track the vehicle across county, city, and state lines (Internet connection required).


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